What is the smart test?
  • Easily manage the entire cycle of the test (Question registration, create and share test, grading and analysis, share test results and user feedback).
  • Institution can use the smart test service to buildup a large question bank.
  • It can be applied to various types of tests (Pre-assessment tests, TOEIC, word quiz apps, test question bank, quizzes, etc.).
Korea's best edu tech service launching 『Smart test service Qubi』.

Teachers, instructors and educators are

Why Smart test?
  • Smart test will change the delivery of education!
  • The best tools for learning are smart phones and tablets. Add our features for better test!
  • The best suitable software for the open book era of big data and artificial intelligence.
  • Best choice for improving the learning curve!

What to do with Smart test?

Test bank

  • Test bank for certification test and mock test.
  • Re-combine the question and proceed with the new test.
  • You can print out PDF test sheet and answers sheet in A4 and B4 format or preview on the screen.
  • You can easily retake previous tests online.

Certification test

  • Auto grading will notify whether you passed or failed right after submission.
  • Print the same grade report, certificate, etc. which is in same format with physical ones.
  • Provides test linked API to institutions.
  • Available for various types of certification tests.

Test API

  • API is provided to enable smart test service in LMS.
  • Question registration, taking test and study mode are available.
  • Stand-alone smart test service is available if necessary.

Key Features
  • Can take tests anytime anywhere by using the web or app
  • Can register quetions by using the editor or by using text files or Excel files.
  • Can manage each test taker. Register or download a list of test takers via Excel.
  • Scan the QR code of PDF files for quick download.
  • About 40 options are available for customizing the test!
  • Provides grade analysis reports for both institution and test takers.
  • Can select one or two columns of PDF test paper of size A4 or B4.
  • Can create a test app in the form of a native app or a web app.

Current Service Status

※ Date : 2023-12-07

▶ Number of institutions 271
▶ Number of members 29,619
▶ Number of questions 77,182
▶ Number of question categorys 1,588
▶ Number of group question 3,499
▶ Number of tests 6,153
▶ Accumulated number of test takers 214,625
▶ Cumulative answer count 10,243,570
Client Reviews
※ We share valuable reviews from our clients.
"Service with sufficient expertise"

▶ Minyoung Song professor of Department of Practical Foreign Languages at 'The Cyber University of KOREA'
I am Song Min-young a professor in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages at Korea University Cyber University. We have developed our own English language assessment in order to assess the English ability of our students and freshmen. We have also signed an agreement with Entercube for online testing to build an online test site. This service allows students to take tests in each area and test developers can access the site to score and feedback and even send results to students via email. In particular the system was able to present test results along with visual data such as graphs and charts as well as scores. Entercube is a company with sufficient expertise in building test sites and testing and can be recommended as a provider that quickly and accurately reflects customer requirements.
"In many ways convenient and useful"

▶ IT Specialist Training Inforever Consulting Agent Okkyung Joo
It was nice to be able to learn on PC and smartphone. and since I can see the wrong question again it helped me to operate the supervisor certification course. it is convenient to check current learning status through iterative solving and it was more useful because it can print test questions in PDF.
"A well-studied and different-dimensional test service"

▶ Google Play Smart Driver License User
Case1) It`s different from other services
Case2) I think it's good because it's not boring.
Case3) It's a very smart driver's license app.
Case4) It's too bad that we can only give five stars.
"I can't believe you know this great app now."

▶ Human Resources Development Service of Korea qualification experience room user
Case1) I can't believe you know this great app now.. I'll make good use of it and pass the test.
Case2) It's so good. the content is so good!
Case3) It will be very helpful for those who prepare for the qualification test.
Case4) It's so nice to use it. please take good care of the app from now on.
"Excellent test service"

▶ Donghyun Park, CEO of 'Studywiz'
I think it was the most outstanding test service I've seen in 20 years. we were satisfied that we provided enough testing functions for our ongoing assessment.
Free Trials
  • Time for you to experience our platform!
  • The registered test questions, test and test data are automatically deleted after the free trial expires.
  • Everyone can apply for free trial! Please feel free to contact us!
【 Institution 】 Register test question
  • Select the items below to change and add your own questions and create a test!
  • Enter your e-mail to receive the results via e-mail.
  • If you enter additional test names, it will be printed on the PDF. The QR code on PDF is valid for 7 days.

【 Test taker 】 Take a test
  • Test taker can take the tests below for free after signing up!
    - Driver's license test (Provided by the Road Traffic Authority)

    - 2,500 word quiz for high school level English vocabulary

    - Professional certification test such as licensed real estate agent and house managing agent

    - 2016 대입수학능력시험(Korea CSAT) Korean / English / mathematics

  • Sign up!
  • Take any of the test below!

※ Sample certificates below can be downloaded immediately after the test 【Chinese Characters teaching certificate】.

Local test mode
  • The tests below can be saved in app format and can be saved for access without network connection.
  • Each test can be set to a single language or other languages (English, Japanese, French, Chinese).
  • You can select social sign-in or normal sign-in, or post an advertisement and promotional banner.
  • After connecting to the local test mode, you can set the language or color with the upper left settings menu.
  • Please keep in mind that the first selected language will be the default setting.
  • Local apps can be used as a substitute for CD-ROMs of textbooks and quizbooks.

More trials!
  • Experience other sample tests!
  • Experience taking tests, study mode, and downloading grade report PDF.
  • Anyone can try!

    - Go to more trials!

Key functions guide
  • Launching the best edutech service 『 Qubi 』!
  • Customize the test for your distinctive need!
  • Manual
    - Institution manual : Quick view
    - Test taker manual : Quick view
    ※ Short manual is coming soon. Please watch the video above and then read the manual.
  • Smart test core processes

  • Please contact us at master@entercube.net for comments or new feature recommendation. We will review and add them.
    ※ Features on the list are subject to change without notice.
Institution Features
  • Types of questions
    • Single question: Normal question type
    • Group question: Group single questions into a group

      - Ex) Read the following example and answer questions 1 to 3.

※ Questions and choices can include media elements that are text, voice, audio and video.

  • Test taker Settings
    • Manage Test taker list
    • Test taker verification
  • Manage question settings
    • Manage question list
    • Question category settings
    • Manage group question
    • Difficulty settings
    • Explanation registration
  • Course Settings
    • Create test
    • Manage application for test
    • Manage reviews
    • Frequently wrong question URL
    • Short key settings
※ Course consists of a set of tests.

  • Test Settings
    • Manage Test URL
      • Create application URL
      • Create connection URL
      • Share test URL to SNS
    • Test question conversion
      • PDF (Test sheet, Explanation sheet, Answers sheet)
      • Download Excel question sources
      • Download a text question sources
    • Manage grade & feedback
      • Grading (Each or batch)
      • Enter feedback and comments for each question
      • Send grade report emails
      • Answers table Excel conversion
  • Grade analysis
    • Score bar chart

    • Score distribution chart

    • Percentage of correct answers by question

    • Percentage of correct answers by category (Spider chart)

Test taker Features
  • Take a test
    • Test available for various devices
    • Test environment setting (Sound or color)
    • Language settings (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French)
    • View question list
    • Reset the answer
  • Study mode
    • Try out the question (Show correct answer)
    • View the correct answers (Once or continuous)
    • Auto review
    • Multimedia function (Audio or video)
    • View question explanation (Text, image, voice, video)
  • Grade report
    • Study mode
    • View the wrong answers
    • Retry wrong answers
    • Retry all questions
    • Download answers table via Excel
    • PDF download (Test sheet, Explanation sheet, Answers sheet)

    • Retake test
    • Print grade report / Certificate
    • Share test results to SNS (google, kakaotalk, facebook, twitter)
  • Test analysis
    • Correct/wrong answer rate table

    • Analyzing the time spent for solving questions

    • Test takers score distribution chart

  • View wrong answers
  • Application for test
    • Test application URL for direct access to the test
    • Take test via email
    • Take test with mobile app
  • Local test mode
    • Offline test
    • Shuffle questions
    • Local test mode settings
      - Question layout settings
      - Audio and color settings
      - Answers display settings
    • Language settings (Korean or English)
    • View test PDF and explanation PDF
    • View grade reports
    • Retry wrong answers
    • Retry all questions
    • Save and reset test history
    • Percentage of correct/wrong answer
    • Question solving time analysis
Test customization options
  • Set the test name
  • Set symbol for choices
  • Set point assignment
  • Scoring method settings (Auto or manual)
  • Random mode settings (Shuffle questions)
  • Moving to other questions settings
  • Time limit settings
  • Set partial score
  • Instruction settings
  • Print grade report

    - Grade report
    - Certificate
    - Certificate
    - Other various test documents

  • Print PDF

    - Test sheet(Normal,password required, Not provided)
    - Explanation sheet(Normal,password required, Not provided)
    - Answers sheet(Normal,password required, Not provided)

  • PDF document settings

    - A4 1 or 2 column
    - B4 2 columns

  • Copy test
  • Edit question list
  • Manage group question
  • Change the order of question
  • Change points for each question
  • Share test link
  • Test default settings
  • Reset test
Which options for taking the test?
  • Android app

    Search, download and use the Google Play 【 Smart test app 】

  • iOS app

    Search, download apps from the Apple App Store 【 Smart test 】

  • Direct access via web

    Search 【 Smart test 】 on Google or www.entercube.net

  • Take a test through an E-mail URL from the institution