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We are the most innovative start up company leading the change in education. No one can be perfect by himself which states the importance of approprate education.

By pursuing academic integrity in all learning environments and fostering new technologies to support innovation in education and beyond, we’re doing our part to increase the availability of quality education around the world.

We are always open to partners and customers who want to share their vision and values. Comments or feedbacks are always welcomed.

We promise to become a frontier IT firm moving beyond Korea toward the world.

Entercube CEO ChulWoong Jung

Company History


04 Founded


09 Prosumer project progress and SW asset bank registration ( National IT Industry Promotion Agency )


02 Launching Smart test service ( Web, Android and iOS apps )
03 Signed annual contract with Smart Test Service( Inforever consulting, IGE Education consulting, etc. )
04 Signed smart test verification center contract( KBS Media Online Lifelong Education Center )
05 Driving license test app launch ( Android and iOS app )
05 Korea Cyber ​​University English Language Proficiency Test
07 Selected as UI / UX support project by National IT Industry Promotion Agency
10 12th E-Learning contest service excellence award( Hosted by the Ministry of Education )
11 Foundation of affiliated research institute
12 Start up Business Certification


03 Pre-qualification test experience room joint business business agreement( Human Resources Development Service of Korea )
06 Qualification test experience room launched app( Android and iOS app )
07 Patent registration for online testing methods and devices(No.10-1761562)
12 Certificate Test Consulting for agency under the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries


01 Launched smart test service 'Qubi'
02 Smart test service GS Certification first-grade( Authentication number : 18-0133 )
12 Released TOPIK learning app for Korean Proficiency Test(Android)


02 Korea Cyber ​​University Japanese & Chinese Language Proficiency Test
04 To provide CBT for the National Language Institute in Korea.


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Exit 4 of Daerim Station (Line 2) and walk 5 blocks of 'STREET PARK' for about 10 minutes
Tel: +82-2-852-9050 | Fax: +82-2-852-9055